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What Is Determination?

Do you have what it takes?
What is determination?

It’s a practice, a daily ritual, an inner drive that pushes us to surpass every expectation, every obstacle. To become something great, something only you yourself can do and accomplish on a daily basis.

Determination equals excellence.

Example of determination:
There are different levels of illness. While having a sore throat, runny nose and some body aches and being exhausted after working all day I thought, should I go home or workout? I went to work out and it was really hard, harder then usual. While not feeling myself and weakness I was just going thru the motions. It got easier and I felt an overcoming amount of mental strength to push through this. By showing up and pushing myself beyond expectations mentally and physically I achieved the unachievable. A PR of 100lbs on the Pec dec. How is this possible? Surprised by my performance? Absolutely. Glad I went and worked out.? Yes. If I can push myself to achieve that on an off day. Think of what I can do on a good day. That’s determination. Determination is the key to success.

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