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The Best Biggest Triceps Workout: 10 Must Do Exercises

Best Biggest Triceps Workout

Arm day exercise is one of the best days of the week at the gym, right? If your goal is to get bigger arms, then you’ll need the best biggest tricep exercises to add to your arm workout.

The gym workout plan for tricep is the one that lets you lift heavy weights. That’s why your tricep training should primarily consist of compound exercises that allow you to hold heavy weights. Additionally, you can include a few isolation exercises to address any weaker areas in your triceps muscles.

So, that’s exactly what we are talking about in this guide. To know deeply about tricep exercise and tips to make huge triceps let’s consider the following workouts.

10 Best Biggest Triceps Workout

Without wasting time, have a look at some must-do exercises that can help you achieve your fitness target:

1. Overhead Tricep Extension

The best huge triceps workout on the list is overhead tricep extensions, and it’s there for a good reason!

Studies have shown that doing tricep extensions overhead, as opposed to with your elbows by your side, significantly increases tricep activation and growth. This is because the overhead position allows for a greater range of motion and stretches the tricep muscles.

You can try different variations of overhead tricep extensions, such as using barbells, cables, or seated dumbbells. Mixing it up and incorporating these exercises will yield the rewards of building larger triceps.

2. Tricep Dips

When it comes to huge tricep training, look for more of a compound movement, and for that, the tricep dip is a way that helps to support the upper body. It’s a simple exercise that requires minimal equipment, and you can get easily progress with it.

When you think of tricep exercises, tricep dips are likely one of the first that comes to mind. They challenge your triceps as you lift your whole body weight.

Don’t worry if you can’t do them yet or want to do more reps. You can use resistance bands to provide some assistance and gradually increase your training volume.

3. Tricep Pushdown

You surely understand this exercise to get the clue in the name. To build big triceps it’s essential to do it correctly. You can add too much weight here. Instead, when doing this exercise, make sure to move in a slow and controlled manner. 

Remember to set your shoulders down throughout the exercise to keep your body completely still, and use just your triceps to move the weight. This will shift the load onto your triceps and help you maximize the benefits of the exercise.

4. Diamond Press-Ups

It’s time for a diamond press-up to workout for huge triceps! The best part is that you can do it anywhere, anytime, without needing a gym. Similar to the bench press, doing regular press-ups works, but bringing your hands closer together during the diamond press-up puts more emphasis on your triceps. 

This helps strengthen and increase the size of your triceps. Don’t worry, you’ll still see progress in your chest muscles too, but the diamond press-up really targets and challenges your triceps.

5. Skull Crushers

One commonly seen exercise to build big triceps is the Skull Crusher. The name refers to the bar’s position during the movement, which resembles what would happen if the bar dropped from overhead.

As mentioned earlier, extending the elbows more has been found to increase tricep activation. The Skull Crusher exercise allows for a broader range of motion, similar to an overhead extension. This puts the triceps in a lengthened position, resulting in a more focused contraction.

6. Cable Triceps Kickback

Similar to the cable triceps pushdown, the cable triceps kickback targets the long head of the triceps and helps increase the size of your upper arms.

To perform this exercise, set the pulley of a cable machine to the lowest position and attach a single handle. Facing the pulley, hold the handle with one hand and take a big step backward until you feel the tension in the cable. No matter whether you’re putting effort into big biceps workout or tricep exercises, you have to perform them properly. 

7. Tate Press

Last but not least workout for huge triceps! The Tate Press is an exercise that focuses on the lateral head of the triceps and is performed using dumbbells. You can start the exercise by lying on your back and holding two dumbbells extended above you (one in each hand). 

Unlike the bench press or skull crusher, you bring the ends of the dumbbells to your chest while allowing your elbow to flare out 90 degrees to the sides, then straighten it back out to complete the rep.

8. Barbell Overhead Press

The barbell overhead press is a helpful exercise for strengthening your upper body, building muscles in your chest, shoulders, and triceps, and improving your overall balance and coordination. To work your triceps using a barbell overhead press, start by standing with your feet about the same width as your shoulders and hold the barbell with an overhand clutch at shoulder height.

9. Close-Grip Bench Press

The bench press is a compound exercise for a huge triceps workout that works both your triceps and chest muscles. However, you can target your triceps more by adjusting your grip. Bringing your hands closer together during the bench press puts greater emphasis on your triceps, increasing the training volume for this muscle group and aiding in tricep growth.

10. Barbell Bench Press

As the barbell bench press is famous as one of the single best exercises for developing multiple significant muscles in your upper body. Although it is commonly associated with chest training, it also significantly benefits your triceps muscles.

5 Tips on How to Get Bigger Triceps

Here are 5 tips for getting bigger triceps. We will tell you how programming, exercise choice, and proper form can greatly impact your results.

Warm Up Before Each Workout

A basic warm-up helps you fix problems with your body posture and practice the appropriate way of doing exercises before you start lifting heavy weights. It can significantly enhance your performance once you get into your actual workout.

You don’t need to do warm-up sets before every exercise if the exercises you do in your workout use the same muscles. You only need to warm up before your first exercise. 

Train the Triceps with Heavier Weight

It is crucial to train with varying loading while trying to fully develop a muscle in order to accelerate growth, increase strength, and encourage increased motor recruitment (the capacity of the muscle to engage all of its fibers). Only using light and moderate loads may be why you lack growth.

Boost the Volume

For the biggest triceps workout, you must understand how many total sets of triceps you’re doing each week.

You want to deliver 10-15 total work sets per week for general triceps growth. Consider increasing this to 15-20 sets if you want to see more progress. As long as you are lacking the growth you want, one of the first things to think about is that you may not be training your triceps enough throughout the week.

Control the Lowering Phase 

There’s an eccentric phase of an exercise where the muscle becomes longer (stretched) under load. This type of training (slowly lowering the weight) has been shown to promote a greater increase in physique mass and girth growth than concentric training (just focusing on lifting the weight up).

Train Triceps More Frequently

Training frequency refers to how many days a week you train the triceps. Most people will train the triceps twice a week and call it there. If you lack muscle growth in the triceps, you will want to bump up the number of days you train the triceps to 2-3 or even 4 times per week. 

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On a Final Note!

Building big triceps requires a lot of hard work; if you constantly work on it, you’ll get your results for sure. By focusing on exercises that target the triceps muscles, such as dips and close-grip push-ups, you can achieve a more defined and toned upper body.

Remember to get the vast triceps, you need consistency, dedication, and patience. It’s important to allow adequate recovery time between workouts, as the triceps, like any other muscle group, need time to repair and grow stronger.

Besides that, there is a personal trainer in ponte vedra beach available that give you more time and focus on your fitness and guides you on what’s best for your to achieve your target. So, why are you waiting? Just start to work on your fitness goal! 

Biggest Triceps Workout FAQs

  • What exercise builds the biggest triceps?

Since the triceps muscles comprise most of the arm, developing bigger triceps is essential to developing larger arms. Close grip presses, dips, pushdowns, and overhead extensions are the most popular exercises. 

  • What is the number 1 best tricep exercise?

Bench Dip considers the best tricep exercises for mass because this bodyweight exercise mainly targets the triceps. Additionally, your chest and anterior deltoid, or the front of your shoulder, are both affected.

  • What tricep exercise hits all 3 heads?

The most efficient exercise for highlighting all three heads of the triceps is the “diamond push-up.” Moreover, Kickbacks: This exercise similarly targets the triceps’ three heads, though not quite as effectively as the diamond push-up.

  • What is the fastest way to get big triceps?  

Triceps kickbacks, close-grip bench presses, and reverse-grip push-downs would be a great way to get huge triceps” Do at least 10 reps for each set in order to get the best results from your triceps. But make sure to do everyday bodyweight exercises, like bench dips or ring dips.

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