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The 10 Best Bicep Workouts for Beginners at Gym

Best Bicep Workouts for Beginners

Want biceps you are proud of? Then it would be best if you focused on the exercises we are about to discuss in this blog. With a plan going to the gym is a good idea. Most people who work out their biceps at the gym need to improve their techniques more effectively. You should begin with these fundamental exercises if you’re a novice. 

Several studies have looked into the top biceps exercises over the years. You shouldn’t be shocked by this! You know that if you ever had access to an EMG machine, you would first connect it to your weapons. Be truthful. 

Building your bicep is one of the essential parts of your bodybuilding procedure, as you have to maintain it to balance different parts of your body and the biceps. You have to know the methods for beginner bicep workouts. Lifters with expertise understand that while muscle activation is essential, it is not the sole factor in determining the best movements for gaining muscle. Instead, we selected the top 10 using a variety of criteria, such as:

  • Muscle intensity and stimulation 
  • Ease of performing and learning
  • Popularity among bodybuilders and diehard lifters
  • Availability of equipment in commercial gyms

You can even do these exercises at home if you have the equipment.

The anatomy

Let’s discuss what occurs below the skin to give you a sense of which muscles this exercise targets. Not all of your biceps muscles are visible when you flex. We’ll work on several groups that stretch the entire length of your forearm. Your arm is a powerhouse with everything from your biceps to your deltoids, and we have the perfect exercise to help you tone it up! Bicep workouts for beginners need to be helpful. 

  • We aim to strengthen every muscle group in the bicep family for the best outcomes because they all operate together. As the phrase goes, you are only as strong as your weakest link.
  • So, this workout meets all the boxes, from wanting to look super trim in the gym to wanting to feel confident wearing sleeveless.
  • Well, let’s set a higher standard for developing those stunning biceps!


First, stretch your body, so your muscles become loose and create the energy to move more freely. If you need to join a gym, you can go to gym in Ponte Vedra beach, Fl which has everything you need to stay strong and healthy.

The workout

It’s time to go to the main event after your warmup. During each exercise, you’ll execute three sets of 12 repetitions, pausing after each exhalation and resting for 60 seconds between each set. The more you isolate your biceps, the more targeted your workout will be. Remember this and ensure they are the primary muscles used in the exercises. 

10 Bicep Workouts For Beginners

Below are the top 10 best exercises for your biceps; we will provide you with the step-by-step bicep workout exercises:

1. Bicep curls

Without this iconic exercise, no biceps routine would be complete. One of the most common free-weight bicep exercises is the bicep curl. For this exercise, you may observe how each member of the bicep family moves if you stand in front of a mirror to evaluate form and function. 

To equally distribute your weight, hold the barbell in the starting position with your arms straight, palms facing out, and your feet shoulder-width apart.

  • Raising the bar to shoulder height with a controlled motion and keeping your elbows at your sides. Before bringing the bar back down, pause at the top and take a deep breath.
  • Be careful not to lock out your elbows as you gradually lower the bar back to a straight-arm posture.
  • Keep your pelvis tucked in to support your lower back and your knees slightly bent.
  • For the ideal biceps curl, maintain a tall, stable upper body. This will prevent you from jerking or swaying as you raise and lower the barbell.

2. Incline twisting curl

In this maneuver, the “twist” happens gradually. You will progressively rotate your wrists from facing your sides to facing your chest as opposed to flicking them. The lift’s little increase in gravity and the incline’s ability to hold your torso still allow your arms to perform all the movements.

3. Concentration curl

This tried-and-true biceps exercise has weathered the test of time, BUT again, people still need to perform it. First, some background: The reason it’s called a concentration curl is that it specifically targets your bicep, which is the part most people prefer to flaunt. Now we should know that bicep workouts at the gym are more effective.

4. Cross-press body curls

This one is one of the bicep workouts focusing on the long-head brachialis, or the arm muscle most often connected to the biceps. If you’re not careful or tired, the cross-body motion of this exercise can quickly transform into a wild swing rather than a deliberate cross-over. This is a complex bicep exercise, so you need to be careful. 

5. Preacher curls

Preacher curls are so named because they resemble the appearance of a preacher leaning over a pulpit. Preacher curls can be performed in various methods, such as on machines, gym benches, or chairs, but for this variation, we’ll utilize a stability ball. 

6. Hugh curl

For this workout, you will attach a resistance band to a door on the hinge side. Making sure nothing from your chest down moves may be challenging, but you’ll get the hang of it after a few sets.

7. Dumbbell curl

Does this exercise differ significantly from a barbell curl? You have the choice. You can perform the activities in the same routine, but we don’t advise. Dumbbell curls’ usefulness is in the variety of ways they may be performed, including standing or sitting, using both arms at once or alternately, rotating your wrists into Zottman curls to work on your intimidating forearms, or twisting your pinky up to concentrate solely on the bis. In essence, you have choices. This is an easy bicep exercise.

8. Chin-up

Have you ever performed a max-rep set of chins? Then you’ll understand that the biceps exert themselves greatly during this move. Both pull-ups (overhand grip) and chin-ups (underhand grip) involve a lot of elbow flexion. However, studies have shown that chin-ups much more effectively target the biceps.

9. Reverse-grip barbell row

Using the reverse grip, the biceps are intensely worked during this movement, focusing on the back. It serves as a decent transition between back and biceps exercises because it differs from the kind of exercise you’d do on a biceps-only day.

10. Incline curl

The incline curl increases the stretch at the beginning of the exercise while lengthening the biceps. Supposedly, this enables you to focus on the long head and develop the biceps peak.

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