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Back Workout with Barbell: 7 Best Back Barbell Exercises

Back Workout with Barbell

When it comes to working on fitness, most people get upset because they have to change their routines. Achieving fitness targets is not like child play, whether you want to build the biceps, triceps, chest, or back. 

Most people put too much effort to get a V-tapered back so thick. Building a deep, broad, and muscular back needs various pulling movements from various angles. Once you set the 6-day gym workout schedule, make sure to stick to it because consistency must be your first priority.

So, are you confused about which exercise works best to make the back fit? No worries! Follow this guide to get all your answers. 

7 Best Back Workout With Barbell Exercises

Here, we will discuss the 7 best barbell back exercises that will assist you in building strength and mass: So, let’s start!

1. Reverse-Grip Bent-Over Row

To build a more muscular back, one of the practical back exercises with barbell is the Reverse-Grip Bent-Over Row. This exercise targets explicitly multiple back muscles, making it unique compared to other exercises. To do it appropriately, it helps strengthen and thicken the middle part of your back. 

Performing Process:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and grip a barbell with an underhand grip.
  • Once your upper body is parallel to the ground, slightly flex your knees and bend forward at the hips.
  • Pull the bar up towards your chest while keeping your elbows close to your sides.
  • Press your shoulder blades together at the peak of the movement.
  • Repeat for multiple sets of 8–12 repetitions, lowering the bar back to the starting position each time.

2. Conventional Deadlift

Quite possibly, it’s the single best muscle builder of all time; this movement will engage all parts of your posterior chain. From the large latissimus dorsi muscles to the smaller rhomboid minor muscles, every muscle fiber in your posterior chain will target when you perform heavy deadlifts. 

Performing Process:

  • To do barbell exercises for back, keep your feet shoulder-width separate and your toes pointing forward.
  • Maintain a neutral spine and slightly bend your knees.
  • Push your hips back and lower yourself down towards the barbell.
  • Ensure that your back remains flat and your shins are almost straight up and down.
  • Grasp the bar with both hands using a grip slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.
  • Push your legs down into the floor while maintaining tension in your back.
  • Stand up completely, but do not overly arch your lower back at the top.

3. Meadows Row

While this exercise may not be as commonly used for the back, it does not detract from its overall effectiveness. The unique aspect of this back barbell workout is that it allows you to isolate and target each lat muscle individually.

Performing Process:

  • You’ll need to place a barbell in a landmine attachment to do the Meadows rows or place one end in a corner so it doesn’t move. 
  • Then, load a weight plate on the end, position your body parallel to the barbell, and take a staggered stance.
  • You will perform a one-arm staggered stance row, pulling the hand past the side of the body. 

4. T-Bar Row

For most people, T-Bar Row from barbell workout for back is the favorite staple for arguably the greatest bodybuilder ever. The simplicity of this movement is its beauty. To get a thicker back, the T-bar row is a movement that you should include in your routine. 

Performing Process:

  • Grab a barbell and keep it in a corner or into a landmine station.
  • Start placing the desired number of plates on the barbell’s side that faces outward. 
  • Standing in the middle of the bar while slightly bending your knees and keeping your spine neutral is the beginning position for a deadlift.
  • Find the seated row attachment; it is usually a bar with a V-shaped handle.
  • Keep your core engaged and your back straight as you pull the bar up to your stomach.

5. Chest-Supported Row

When it comes to back workout with barbell, try the chest-supported barbell row! It will also assist you if you’re having trouble feeling your back muscles contract. This exercise, also known as the Chinese row, is a great way to isolate your lats. The bench forces your body to stay in a fixed position, which helps you to focus on the lats and prevents other muscles from taking over. 

Performing Process:

  • To execute barbell back exercises well, place the bench on a platform or 2-3 feet high boxes.
  • Position the barbell directly underneath the middle of the bench.
  • Add the desired amount of weight to each side of the barbell.
  • Bend your knees as you lay on the bench with your feet flat on the ground.
  • With your hands, take the barbell in an overhand grip slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.
  • Pull the barbell up your chest, keeping your elbows close to your sides.
  • Hold the top position for a second, then lower the barbell back down in a controlled manner.

6. Barbell Pullover

If you are looking for challenging and effective back exercises with barbell to target your back muscles, the barbell pullover is a great option. Just ensure to begin with a light weight and slowly add the weight as you get strength. It’s a little bit tough to perform, but if you do it correctly, you can gain strength and size in your upper body.

Performing Process:

  • Lie down on a bench with your head at the end and your feet planted firmly on the ground.
  • Hold a barbell in an overhand position and extend your arms over your chest. 
  • Slowly lower the barbell behind your head while keeping your arms straight. 
  • Once you feel a stretch in your back, bring the barbell back up to the starting position. 
  • Repeat for desired reps.

7. Barbell Shrug

So, the last one is the barbell shrug which is one of the best barbell back exercises that specifically target the upper trapezius muscles, which are located on the very top of your upper back. The upper trapezius physique is responsible for lifting and supporting your shoulder girdle, the group of bones connecting your shoulders to your spine.

Performing Process:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your back straight.
  • Just curve your knees and use an overhand grip that is somewhat broader than shoulder-width apart to hold the barbell.
  • Make sure to keep your arms in a straight position and your elbows locked.
  • Lift your shoulders straight up as high as you can without craning your head forward or rotating your shoulders.
  • Hold the contraction for a second, then slowly lower your shoulders back down.

Benefits of Barbell Workout for Back 

Performing a back workout with a barbell has numerous benefits that can help you achieve a stronger and more defined back. Here are some potential benefits of barbell exercises for back.

back workout with barbell

Reduced risk of injury 

Strong back muscles will assist in protecting your spine from injury. This is especially important for people who participate in activities that put a lot of stress on the back, such as lifting weights or playing contact sports.

Improved posture

Having a solid back helps to better your posture by pulling your shoulders back & down. With this, your back pain will reduce and improve your overall appearance.

Increased strength

Barbell workouts can support increasing the strength of your back muscles. This can be helpful for activities such as lifting heavy objects, carrying groceries, and playing sports.

Enhanced range of motion

The range of motion will improve with the barbell workouts. This will not only reduce stiffness but also improve your flexibility.

Better body composition

Barbell workouts can help to build muscle and burn fat. As a result, you’ll achieve a healthier and more attractive body.

Final Words

You can 100% achieve your target to build a stronger and more muscular back with the proper movements and workouts. To build strength and mass, you need to train with various rep ranges and weights. Mixing up your rep ranges and weights to see optimal results is essential. 

You also have the option of the gym in Ponte Vedra Beach, where you can get services including Chiropractic, Rehab, Cupping, Movement/Injury risk screens, and Nutrition support. Select what best works for you! We know sticking to a fitness routine is tough but it is not impossible. So, to stay healthy, firstly, set a goal and start to work on it.

Barbell Back Exercises FAQs

Q. What back workout can you do with a barbell?

When you search barbell exercise, you’ll get a lot of results. But the best barbell back exercises are Barbell Row, Seal Row, Barbell Shrug, Romanian Deadlift, Pendlay Row, Barbell Rear Delt Row, and Deficit Deadlift.

Q. Can you train back with a barbell?

One of the most well-known barbell back workouts is the barbell row, also known as bent-over rows. The lats, trapezius, and rear deltoids are the primary muscles targeted by the barbell row, but your lower back, biceps, and grip muscles also get some work.

Q. How does the back pull with a barbell?

To do the back pull with a barbell, follow these steps:

  • Lean forward by hinging your hips, and hold a bar with an overhand grip.
  • Pull the bar towards you without otherwise moving your upper body. 
  • Drag the bar as high as possible to touch your abs or chest. 
  • With control, lower the bar back to the floor without bouncing between reps.

Q. What are 5 exercises with barbells?

As there are so many barbell exercises, but the top 5 back barbell workout are Barbell Squat, Barbell Deadlift, Barbell Bench Press, Barbell Lunge, and Barbell Overhead Press.

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